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About me

I’m a transdisciplinary artist-researcher working inside and outside of universities. I specialise in creating qualitative, participatory and artistic research, as well as public engagement and communication projects. While my roots are in the fields of Performance Art and More-than-human Geography, I also work on impact-led collaborations with colleagues in Theology, Biology, Veterinary Science, Medical Humanities, Nursing and Engineering. In 2022 I started working with the Centre for Higher Education Practice at the University of Southampton, creating programmes in researcher development. 

My interests are in more-than-human worlds, gendered practices and identities, and in cultural knowledges and agency. I have worked on projects about agri-environment policy, farmed animal welfare, infection prevention, meat-eating masculinities, and on GCRF work around environmentalism and antimicrobial resistance in the food chain.

Research, public engagement and participatory art are all, for me, spaces of potential where ideas and issues can be explored, rather than just solved or communicated. Since 2003 I have produced a multitude of exhibitions and performances internationally, alongside films, videos, book works, academic presentations and publications.

I'm an experienced facilitator and manager of creative processes, enabling spaces and environments with artists and publics. I'm always up for a conversation about new collaborations, commissions, or creative consultancy.

If you've something in mind or want to find out more, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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